Friday, September 7, 2007

landscape & escape - living in rings of light

The Heron that Works Here

Surface of Air - Surface of Water


Late August ... An acquaintance cursed the rain, "We've had enough rain already. It needs to stop. This is a disaster."

She had accepted CNN's & MSN's proclaimations of disaster & flooding in lieu of her own empirical evidence. Richmond's 3rd storm in a week was beginning to pass through, making just 10 or 12 rains this summer.

Broadcast images of raging rivers, wash outs, & loss across America held more weight than what she could see out her window & feel on her skin. Richmond shimmered through June, July & August: brown grass, brown leaves on the ground, withered flowers, dying trees, dust.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

ecosystem rebalancing

Aren't there ALOT of MOSQUITOES at the river?
Aren't the BUGS AWFUL?

Actually, no.
Frogs, swallows, purple martins, wrens, warblers, fish, fry. Voracious eating.

The city on the other hand ... tiger mosquitoes feast on anyone daring to exit air conditioned fortifications. Church Hill, Woodland Heights, Ginter Park, Henrico County yards. Yelps & welts.

Like the deer, the mosquitoes are thriving in urban environments with their predators gone.