Saturday, November 17, 2007

location, location, location

zipping by at 55 mph, you gotta wonder what it means that the All American Mini Storage is next door to Vincent's Funeral Home in PF

Friday, November 16, 2007


that's compelling news

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



end state

water holds the world

caligraphy of trees

Nashville Pussy

what my radio co-host has been thinking about while I've been looking out the window ... Nashville Pussy bassist.
I'm thinking I need to get more in touch ... with something.


Personally, I've moved from gerund to past participle.

I will be landing future progessive
I will land future tense
I will have been landing future perfect progressive
I will have landed future perfect tense
I land present tense
I was landing past progressive
I have landed present perfect tense

did I mention the bald eagles?

periodic inspections

The unnamed dog hustles in & out periodically, on a a schedule she's established & she understands, to collect information. No bark; just swift footsteps.

important question

Why rake when you can watch the leaves fall?
This is a serious question, at the heart of things.

Leaves & pine tags falling, twirling, drifting down are all about light.
They glow. Their multiple surfaces flash light, drag shadows.
Each was a patch in the forest wall sheltering us from the view south across Lake Chickahominy & the winter sun's trudging, flashing, brief daily course.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

there & back

Leaving for town ... pass Providence Forge, Toe Ink, Bottoms Bridge, onto the highway, you're there.
Trip is from quiet to noise, dark to light, creatures to cars.
Returning, it unwinds backwards.

If late, insert: buck, herd of does, racoon.

"unpacking my library"

W. Benjamin wrote about it first. Buzz Spector physically filled a room.
Me, it was just plain two days' work.

the galaxy we left behind

"all information deemed reliable but not guaranteed"