Thursday, September 11, 2008

Watch List

treefrogs on windows, doors, walls & plants
spring peeper - actually seen!
Eastern box turtle - brilliantly colored strolling after rainstorm
yellow-bellied flycatchers
acraea moth caterpillar
woolly bear caterpillar
hummingbird moths
Eastern tiger swallowtails
Eastern black swallowtails
more Eastern black swallowtail caterpillars
neighbor's pet duck eloping with Canadian geese
swimming otter
compost eating raccoon
2 leeches on kayak bottom
pencil sized brown snake, not venomous
ravenous, territorial & perching ruby throated hummingbirds
(smaller than swallowtails)
barred owls - heard & seen
bald eagle perching
many Carolina wrens
laughing gulls
unrecognzed woodpeckers after storm
duct-taped tuba at the dump
mushrooms - brown, red, white, fresh & rotten

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