Sunday, December 11, 2011

we drove our El Camino in the Providence Forge Christmas Parade

Waiting to launch.  A bit like heavy traffic on I-95: an hour of idling & getting nowhere.
 Bodyshop truck towing a boat.

 Many tractors, of various vintages.
 Driver's eye view of parade coming & going, making the loop through downtown PF.
 Of course, the New Kent Tea Party, complete with tricorners, fife, drum & Constitution.
 Our fans.
 Two, count 'em, two grown-up Jesus with cave, rock, & cross floats.

 The other El Camino, a '68.  There was also a Ranchero.
 The district's new supervisor, TP candidate, demonstrating his professional acumen.
 Bill's Hot Dog's, closed.  But they did have a truck in the parade.
 Parade viewers.

Ho ho ho.
We were a little carsick after two hours & two miles but happy to be waved at by our neighbors in camo & fur.

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