Tuesday, May 22, 2012

look what my amazing VCUarts Photography students made

A selection of final projects by my Spring 2012 PHTO 307 Photographic Processes & Techniques students in VCU's department of Photography & Film  ...

Eric Bujnowski - van dyke prints with labelmaker text on beer bottle labels. stitched

Mark Harley - salted paper prints with hand-lettered text

Beth Harris - van dyke prints bound into stab-bound book

Jamie Kelman - cyanotype on fabric, sewn into pillows

Mel Kolbran - van dyke prints within file folders, with text

Kaelne Koorn - leaf prints paired with digital prints

Lauren Lyon - van dyke on fabric, embroidered text

Alexis Mattila - van dyke prints from digital collage negatives, framed

Kelsey McNeil - salted paper prints

Jessica Overcash - gum bichromate prints

Adriana Rossi - watercolor on digital prints

Diego Valdez - tintypes, digital prints from scans of tintypes, slipcased book of digital prints from scans

Michael Weinheimer - liquid light on glass, mounted in student-fabricated lightbox

An intense & thrilling semester, ending with four exuberant critiques.  Congratulations to these & their fellow wonderful makers!  Thank you for allowing me to walk along with you awhile on your paths of becoming the photographers you will become.

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