Monday, July 1, 2013

Look at what my amazing VCU Photo/Film students made this spring

Here's a sampling of the astounding final projects created by students in my Photographic Processes & Techniques (Phto 307) classes this semester, Spring 2013, VCU School of the Arts Photo/Film Department ...

Shanaz Bowman - two hand bound books, images & text printed with cyanotype

 Chris Conway - big, blue-red 3-D photographs

entire 3pm section working the 3-D look (Hannah Levy's & Brian Noble's work in the background)

Caitlin Crow - mordancage  prints mounted in found window

 Tito Henriquez - digital projections on white-washed American flag

Kelsey Krest - van dyke & cyanotype printed fabric used in the fabrication of clothing

Noelani Martin - albumen prints with cosmetics included in albumen formula & applied after printed

Arielle Massa - temporary tattoos, this image from our interim critique

Sarah Mattozzi - van dyke prints, in response to the Pre-Raphaelites

Emmett Methven - cyanotype & van dyke combined

Rachel Quick - gum bichromate

Inga Schunn - gum bichromate (including glow in the dark) with cyanotype

Jasmine Thompson - tiny tintypes

Chloe Truong - van dyke on translucent paper, mounted in constructed viewing boxes

Sarah Whittington - lumen prints

Great work.  Thank you for an exciting & inspiring semester!

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